About Us

The Electric Car Team has grown into a strong build team over the past couple of years. In the beginning, the team struggled with leadership and couldn’t seem to get out of the beginning stages of new organization. With new leadership in place, the team gained enough membership and funds to start converting a Chevy S10 to an electric vehicle...


In a back lot of the College of Engineering, the team was able to complete the electric S10 in May of 2017. The team surpassed many obstacles to complete this build, the biggest was obtaining funding. The S10 is now a promotional piece for the team and the College of Engineering, making appearances at recruiting events and parades...


The Electric Car Team is now pursuing the Formula SAE Electric competition. In this competition, schools from across the world compete in many varying events, including Design, Financial Plan, Acceleration, Autocross, and more. Typically, this team will design and build a car every year, but as this is the team's first experience in the FSAE Electric Competition, we plan to take two years for this build and go to competition in June of 2019. Pictured below is Missouri S&T’s Formula SAE Electric racecar.

S&T Car

Current Projects

FSAE Electric Chasis


Electric Truck Conversion


Battery Research




Building a Formula SAE electric racecar is an expensive task. Thanks to the sponsors above, we were able to successfully convert a Chevy S10 to an all electric vehicle. Please consider joining them in sponsoring our new competition build team as we dive head first into the FSAE Electric arena. Any help is greatly appreciated, whether it is in the form of products, services, or just cold hard cash. Any sponsorship inquiries can be sent to muengrecoracing@missouri.edu.

Thank you so much for your contribution!